“You Can’t Make Me!”

Do you remember when you were a kid and your mom would ask you to do something and you would refuse to do it?  I don’t know  about you, but it rarely worked for me.  In fact, we would get double the chore if we were stubborn and disobeyed our mom.  It didn’t take us long before we decided just to do it the first time…most of the time.

Maybe you are raising at least one strong-willed child right now or you have memories of when you did.  The debates, arguments, yelling, crying, arms folded across their chest, glaring eyes and sticking out the tongue.  Am I the only one who remembers this?  It was tough, as a stay at home mom, to deal with that all day, every day.

I remember the day my husband came home and saw that I was counting to 3 before they would obey me.  He said, “Robyn, why are you allowing them to disobey and disrespect you two times before they comply?”  I stopped and realized that was exactly what I was doing.  I also found that if I looked them in the eye instead of yelling orders over my shoulder, that they would do much better.

I always wanted to listen to our kids’ opinions and even when they disagreed, but we needed to show them how to do that affectively and with respect.  We knew that someday they would need these skills in their adult life.  They needed to learn how to submit to authority, speak their mind with clarity and respect, and learn to negotiate and not try to control all the time.  Lots of lessons to teach as a parent and we all know it isn’t easy, is it?

So, do you have strong-willed children?  Were you a strong-willed kid yourself?  How did your parents guide you and teach you the lessons you needed to succeed in life?  Did they?

If you bucked authority with your parents, do you see yourself doing the same thing with bosses or even with the Lord?  “I will do it myself.  I know better how to make these decisions and I don’t need Your help, God.”  After another crisis or mistake…”God, why do these things always happen to me?  Where are You?  Don’t You care?!  Help me!” Hmmmm.

This coming Tuesday on Chained No More Talk Radio, our guest,  author, speaker, educator, and coach, Cynthia Tobias, will talk on the topic, “Strong-Willed Kids: How to Parent Them to Be the Best they Can Be.”  You can also download the podcast later at www.toginet.com/shows/chainednomore.

“Submit yourselves, then to God.  Resist the devil and he will flee from you.  Come near to God and He will come near to you.”  Heb. 4:7

Are you a strong-willed, stubborn child of God, or are you one who submits to the One who loves you the most and will show you the best way in His plan? Do you need to make a change?