Writing Your Story…Chapter by Chapter

writing a book

Have you ever thought of writing your story, beginning with your childhood, your teen years, college days, young adulthood, and ending where you are now?

What would you include?  Maybe you lived in a “bubble”, like I did, and you don’t think you have much to write about.  Maybe your childhood was filled with trauma and drama and you have a hard time looking back.

We all have a unique story and through the years, we may have found healing, learned lessons, found things we want to change, or maybe we are proud of our accomplishments.  What would your story look like?

In our Chained No More classes, we have our participants tell us their story and through that, we can see what some of their issues are that have kept them from flourishing in their lives.  Some of our participants have very little memory of their young childhood because it included too much trauma.  Some remember exact details such as the color of dress they wore for Easter when they were 6 years old,or the time they stole candy from the market, or the day their daddy walked away.  We all have many memories; some we wish to forget and some we can’t help but recollect.

The important thing, as we become adults, is to look damaging experiences in the face, see the power they have had on our decisions, relationships, etc., and then find healing from them, forgive them and live life freer than ever before.  It is worth the look back.

This week, on Chained No More Talk Radio, our guest is Katariina Rosenblatt, the author of “Stolen.”  The topic is:  “Kat’s Story: From Trafficking to Escape to PhD.”  She will tell her story of being recruited, groomed and forced into sex trafficking, beginning at the age of 13.  The next chapter of her life is about stepping into forced prostitution, drugs, and an abusive marriage.  Kat will give her testimony of how she found God and is now involved in preventing human trafficking in America at the federal level. 

You will be drawn in, inspired and blessed as you hear how God lifted her up and how He is using her today.  Don’t miss it!  To listen to it LIVE, www.toginet.com at 1-3pm ET.  To download the podcast later that day, go to www.toginet.com/shows/chainednomore.

Like Joseph said to his brothers in Genesis 50:20, “You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.”

Your story may not be as dramatic as Katariina’s, but you can use your pain and experiences for good to encourage and give hope to others.  Maybe begin writing your story of inputting it into the computer and who knows what He will do with it?!