With this Ring, I Thee Wed

This past weekend, we attended the wedding of our nephew, Geoff and his lady, Kathryn. It was held in a lovely backyard with a tent, an arch of flowers and tulle, beautiful bridesmaids in rich purple and groomsmen in dark tuxes.

The moment finally arrived when the groom took his place at the front and awaited the arrival of his soon-to-be bride in ivory. The look on his face when he saw her was priceless and as we turned to look at her, the smile on her face was a big as his. They were getting married!!!

They pledged their love and commitment to each other. I sang a song I wrote for Geoff’s parents’ wedding 26 years ago, “Forever As One”, as they took their first communion together, lit the unity candle and blew their individual candles out. They were one in the sight of God and the world! Hallelujah!

Oh, there will be ups and downs in their marriage. There may or may not be children. They will experience many adventures ahead; some wonderful and some not so wonderful. They have made their vows to God first and each other secondly.

As their family, we will pray for them, encourage them, walk alongside of them and watch them grow in their marriage. “We want to congratulate you, Geoff and Kathryn and wish you God’s best as you walk through life as one. Congratulations!”