White Noise

Sitting in my office, the sounds I hear are the humming of my computer, Spanish guitar music on Pandora, a bird every once in awhile, the furnace bringing heat through the vent by my feet, the clicking of my nails on the keyboard and the sound of my own breathing.  To me, this is “white noise” in my home office, which makes it a pleasant environment to work in.

Whenever we go to a hotel, we usually will have the air conditioner or heater going, which provides white noise as we sleep.  I much prefer the sound of my husband, Ivan, breathing beside me, but in the last year or so, wearing earplugs helps me sleep better.  GRIN

Our world is full of noise, loud and soft, throughout the day.  When is the last time you sat in absolute silence, with only the sound of your own breathing?  The last time I experienced that was when we visited Crater Lake, a volcano crater here in Oregon.  We sat in rocking chairs in complete silence.  My mind immediately went to thoughts of the pure peace of God as I sat in His presence for over an hour.  I took out my notepad and pencil and proceeded to write four songs of worship!  My heart was full of praise and awe as I viewed His creation before me..

When is the last time you felt peaceful and quiet before Him in a church service?  A long time for me.  My “home” is in His presence and I long for it.  Just to sit and be still and know that He is God, like the Scripture says.

Let His “white noise” of purity, joy, comfort, love and peace surround you and enjoy those moments.  Shhhhhhhh.  He’s there.