What in the World?!!!


What in the world is going on here?!!!  This world is going to “heck in a handbasket.”  I just can’t keep up with all the changes in this world!

We look around us and see a myriad of differences of opinions, beliefs, styles of living and choices, don’t we?  It used to be so much easier when we only had a few choices.  Today we have choices about sizes of tvs, vehicles, types of phones and computers, styles of clothing, reading material, media venues, music genres, sexuality, what we specifically order at a restaurant, living arrangements, and so on.  It’s our choice and we want it our way.

Now, wouldn’t  it be great to be able to look at someone and decided if they were “right” or “wrong” in their choices, according to OUR belief system?  That isn’t how it works, or how it should work. We all come from different spaces;  our past, our traditions, our birth country, our specific tastes, our faith, and our ethnic background.  Even being from different parts of America can determine the choices we make.  We immediately make an assessment from our perception of the differences between us and others.

Somehow, we as Christians, need to walk through life without a judgmental attitude or give the vibe that we are superior to “those people”.  How do we do that?  We are very good at judging someone by how they look, their sexual preference, the words they use, the car they drive, the way they express themselves, etc.  Guess what?  Christians are stereotyped as judgmental bigots and hypocrites by most unbelievers.  Sometimes we earn that stereotype and perception, and sometimes we might even pay the price for another Christian or church.

The question is…Do we bring people closer to Jesus or do we push them further away from Him by how we act and speak?  I believe we are to be the extension of Jesus’ arms.  We may not agree with someone’s actions or words, but we must see them through His eyes.

“Be imitators of Christ, as dearly loved children, and live a life of love, just as Christ loved us and gave Himself up for us as a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God.”   Ephesians 5:1,2

So, the next time you see someone that offends you and you want to stick your nose up at them or look away, remember Ephesians 5:1,2 . That person’s eternity may depend on it.

What in the world will you do today, Christian?