What About Your Dash?

This past weekend was an emotional rollercoaster as we attended two memorials and an 80th birthday celebration.  The sadness of the memorial on Friday to the joyfulness of the birthday party on Saturday and then to the other memorial kept us busy and thoughtful.

The memorials were filled with words of the deceased ones’ faithfulness to God, their kindness, devotion, ability to love in their own way and their service to others.  One was a 44 year old single woman who worked with cancer patients and the other was a 59 year old happily married man who served behind the scenes.  Both were devoted parents to their kids and whose kids now must face life without them.  I think that was where my tears came from.  The parents were with Jesus, but their children were left devastated.

The elegant lady who was celebrated on Saturday was delighted as she was honored so richly.  She too is a wonderful Christian woman who has lived most of her life serving others and loving her family.  She is artistic, soft-spoken and has a soft heart for hurting people.

All of these lives were celebrated over the weekend and it made me think about their “dash”.  A “dash” is the amount of time between our birthdate and the day we die.  You know, on the tombstone where it says your name and 1945-2020.  It is the span of time we have on this earth.

So now, what would your “dash” say about you?  Are you living your life serving the Lord, seeking Him, extending the arms of Jesus to others?  Are you living for others or for yourself?  What is your purpose?  Where is the eternal value of your days?  Are you wasting your life away?  I ask myself the same questions as I reflect on the events of this past weekend.  What could you do to bring more meaning and purpose to your “dash”?

“Lord, I want to make my days what You planned for me.  I don’t want to waste an opportunity to extend Your arms to others.  I don’t serve You for recognition or for rewards, but because I have dedicated my life to serve the One I love to the best of my abilities.  I want my “dash” to be filled with following Your call on my life.”

Well, I have a busy day, so I’ve gotta dash!