Weather Change

This morning, I am sitting at my computer getting caught up on emails, blogs, and cleaning my office.  I have a good-sized window in this office and it seems like every time I look out this window, the weather is doing something else.  A couple of times, I had to turn my Pandora music up because it was raining severely.  The skies were dark and rain poured on the trees making the leaves droop under the deluge of showers they were getting.

The next time I looked out, the clouds had parted and the sun was shining and now, I see gray skies return.  Isn’t it true what they say about our Oregon weather…”Just wait a minute and the weather will change.”  What I do know is that rain today brings gorgeous green summers, brilliant flowers in the spring and lots of lakes to play on here in this beautiful state.  Rain on!!!!

As I watched the weather change this morning, it reminded me of the “weather changes” we experience in our lives.  One day things are going just great and then boom; the bottom falls out from under us!  Sometimes we can see change coming and can plan for it and then there are times it startles us and can knock us off our feet.  How well do you handle change?  Do you forget your faith or do you hold on even stronger to your faith?

When tough times hit you, do you look inward or upward?  Do you throw your hands up or do you lift your hands to Him?  Do you think He has forgotten you or do you know He’s got you in His sights and His heart?

Remember that the weather may change, our circumstances may change, and the world around us may change, but He will never change.  Rain or shine.  Just like when we get in a rainstorm and put on a raincoat or use an umbrella, when the storms of life hit, cover yourself with the truths and promises of God’s Word and “dance in the rain”.

“My soul finds rest in God alone; my salvation comes from Him.  He alone is my Rock and my Salvation;  He is my Fortress. I  WILL NEVER BE SHAKEN.”  Psalm 62:1,2

Ooooops!  It’s pouring rain out of my window again.