Unwrapping a Stepfamily Christmas

Well, the Christmas season has arrived and the hustle and bustle has enveloped our homes and communities. I make lists upon lists so I don’t forget anything, because the older I get,  the more I see the value of lists with extra details.  I told our kids that they need to give me a list of all the traditions we have so I can keep them going whenever they are here. Traditions like putting the little Christmas mouse door decoration on the side door, certain kinds of cookies and candies, making coffeecake for breakfast on Christmas morning, getting candy canes for our trip around town to look at Christmas lights, and apple peels, cinnamon and cloves simmering in water on the stove when they walk in the door.  Stuff like that.  Such pressure, but  family pressure with love.

I am grateful for our healthy family and I am especially grateful for my husband and our 44 year old marriage that is sweet and fulfilling.  Believe me, I don’t take it for granted at all! some of my greatest gifts from the Lord.

There are all kinds of families and endless family dynamics in our world today.  There are the traditional families with both parents and kids, single parent families, foster and adoptive families, homeless families wealthy families,  families with gay parents, Christian families and atheist or agnostic families.  There are also singles without families and those who have lost loved ones over the past year.

Each type of family have their own experiences during the holidays.  When families have divorced or separated, there is another layer of complications as everyone may try to please each part of their families by spending equal time during the holiday season.  Kids are taken back and forth between their mom’s house and their dad’s house, but they never feel like they are truly “home” anymore. Stepfamilies have an added layer because now there can be four houses to get to, and “handing off” the kids keeps everyone on alert.  Peace on earth?!  What is THAT?!

On Tuesday, Dec. 12 at 2pm ET at www.toginet.com, our guest on Chained No More Talk Radio will be author, coach and international speaker, Laura Pretherbridge.  Her topic will be “Seeking a Silent Night…Unwrapping a Stepfamily Christmas”, which is the title of her newest book.  Please join us as she goes over this unique type of family and give valuable tips and practical tools to make this holiday season more joyful.

You can also download the podcast later at www.toginet.com/shows/chainednomore.

We, at Robyn B Ministries, wish you a peaceful, yet joyful holiday season and that you take some time to be grateful for the sweet blessings the Lord God has brought to your life this past year.