Unplug to Restore Power


Our society is overloaded with technology; some good and some not so good.  We are dictated by our phones, tablets, computers, gaming tech and t.v.s to the point of no return.  We can barely make a move without holding a device to see news, listen to music, communicate, research, search Youtube or Google, talk to Siri, tweet or scan/post Facebook.  How did this build up so fast?!

Just for a moment, try to even think about all the conversations and computer signals covering our world at any given moment in time.  Wow!  That will blow you mind, right?!

The other day, I was sitting in the office with my computer, I-Pad AND cell phone within reach and using all three at the same time.  What?!  Are you kidding me?!  I just sat back and turned my office chair toward the window and “unplugged” for about 10 minutes.  Whew!  I needed that!

The same goes for life itself, doesn’t it?  We run our schedules, rush to appointments, make sure our kids get where they need to, meet a friend for lunch (if we even have time for that!), make sure we have food for dinner that night and IF we have time, we spend time in the Word and with our spouse, if we are married. Our prayers can become more like shopping lists of what we need and want from God.  Church is just another thing on our schedule and sometimes it is even difficult to engage in the service because we are thinking about the next activity that day or things we need to accomplish.

It is important to do like Jesus did in the Garden of Gethsemane;  unplug and spend some time refreshing, spending deep time with the Lord, reevaluating our life and just taking time to breathe. When is the last time you were able to just take 5 deep breaths without even thinking about it?  When was the last time you truly relaxed and didn’t have anything on your schedule (being sick in bed doesn’t count, by the way!)?

My husband are going to unplug for two weeks as we head for the tropics.  Because of the ministry I do, I hear a lot of people’s deepest problems and issues and sometimes it can get very heavy for me.  During this trip, I will truly unplug from anyone but my God and my Ivan.  We will enjoy the sunshine, the tropical breezes and vistas, snorkel, walk the beach, shop, read, laugh, pray together, eat and drink yummy things, and spend endless hours talking about our marriage and our future.  Ahhhh! Now THAT is unplugging!

I will not be writing a blog while I am gone, will have encore shows on Chained No More Talk Radio, not take calls from people in crisis (unless it is family), and spend  my birthday in a beautifully relaxing place.  Perfection!  Unplugged and unashamed!

Even if you can’t fly away to a tropical destination, take some time to unplug, breathe deep and let your messages go to voicemail.  You deserve it.  You will be powered up and ready to go on with a new energy.  Promise.

Aloha!  See ya when we get back.