Turn Down the Volume!


“Turn that t.v. down!”  “Does the music have to be so loud?!”  “Are you deaf or something?  Turn it down!”

Our world has turned into a cacophony of noise, music, horns, shouting commercials, jets, shouting, and constant talking.  When will it stop?!

Our worship services in churches used to have times of silence and reverence and now sanctuaries are filled with drum sets, multiple instruments at high volume, powered by the latest sound equipment, screens and beaming lights.  Good grief!  Turn down the volume!

The other day, I was stopped at a traffic light and I heard loud thumping coming closer and closer, until it was right beside me.  Inside the car, with rolled up windows, was a young man with his music so loud that I could feel it pulsing in my chest.  I could no longer hear my music even after closing my windows.  Wow!

Our homes can be filled with the constant sound of the television, kids with Ipods, parents screaming at each other as well as their kids, dogs barking, vacuum cleaners whirring, appliances going.  Turn down the volume!

When is the last time you actually sat in silence for more than ten minutes? Maybe you were sitting on the porch or the deck, or maybe you were in your car on a drive.  Maybe you just held someone you loved and heard their breathing nearby.  Maybe you held a baby while they slept or maybe you sat and read a book with no distractions.  Maybe you spent a good amount of time in silent prayer as you brought your burdens to God.  I know many friends who insist on having their “quiet time” with the Lord.

We can get so distracted throughout the day, and before we know it, we turn the t.v. off, and crawl into bed and THEN…we have silence, unless our spouse snores!!  GRIN

I find that it is a great idea to have several “peace pauses” throughout the day.  Be intentional.  Turn the noise off and be still.  While you are being still and undistracted, listen to what the Lord God puts in your mind and on your heart. Shhhhhh.  Turn down the volume and let Him speak today.  Take some long, deep breaths.  Peace pauses.  Ahhhh!

“Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts…”  Col. 3:15