Tribute to Moms

This is Mother’s Day weekend and the stores are filled with cards to give to our moms,daughters, grandmothers, etc.  There are advertisements for “flowers for Mom”, jewelry with hearts on them and sales for many other kinds of gifts.

I remember my own mother, Phyllis Bellville.  She was a tall, slender woman, born in South Dakota and now with the Lord.  She was intelligent, taught me how to sing, loved to teach children and was fun to shop with.  She loved the Lord and considered my father her pastor.  When she passed away, we found notepad after notepad of notes from his sermons.  She had four of us kids to raise while Dad was busy pastoring a church.  Sometimes it was pleasant and sometimes it was not, especially as we became teenagers all at once.  She was very tired and worked tirelessly to provide a nice home and she taught us how to be hospitable to visitors.

When I became a mom back in 1976, it was a continuation of what my mother taught me.  I too loved children, so I was thrilled when our son was born on April 27.  I would sit and rock him in the middle of the night and just cry because I felt so blessed.  Our daughter, Tami was born on January 23 and she completed our little family.  What a joy!

No one can explain the love of a mother’s heart for her children.  It permeates every cell of her being and every inch of her heart.  She is protective from the moment she counts every finger and toe.  No matter how old her child becomes, she will always delight at the sight of them.  She will always want the best for them.  She will always make reasonable sacrifices for them and brag about them whenever she can.  They are her heart.

There are many mothers who are raising their kids without a father in the home and if you are a single mom, I salute you.  You make more sacrifices than I can imagine and have more stress than I would be able to endure. Your desires for your children are the same as mine and your hopes and dreams are too.  There are quite a few single moms in my life and I pray for them often as they meet challenges of motherhood every single day.

So, on this Mother’s Day weekend, I want to wish ALL types of moms (biological, step, foster, adoptive, grand, single and ones with furbabies a wonderful weekend of making precious memories with the children you love.

To my mom, even though she is with the Lord, “I love you, Mom and am grateful for the legacy you left for me to follow in many areas.  Thank you for loving all of us kids with your unconditional love.  Happy Mother’s Day.