The Simple Things

You know what I am talking about….a squirrel scampering up a tree, the uncontained laugh of a child, an ice cream cone on a hot day … you know.

One of my favorite things is to sit back and listen to a child share their ideas with me.  Their eyes sparkle as they tell of their kitty that cuddles up next to them or the funny movie they saw or the time they went to Disneyland and met Mickey Mouse.  Their little minds rush from experience to experience as they enthusiastically tell Ms. Robyn all about it.

The best part about this scenario is the fact that someone is listening to them and cares enough to give them undivided attention.  One of the habits I have is stroking a child’s hair when they sit next to me.  I find that it relaxes them and makes them feel at ease. Simple things.

When was the last time you sat in the backyard or at a park and just observed the beauty around you without saying a word?  Simple things.  How about sitting with a beverage in your hand as you listened to calming music?  When did you last sit and write a hand-written letter to someone you love and sent it to them?  Simple things.

Read or recite Psalm 23, keeping the phrase “simple things” in mind and then thank Him.  Take the time to notice this world He created and breathe deep with gratitude.