The Funnel of Writing

I have been connecting with many authors over the past week and I find it a fascinating world of words, quips, and imagination. The majority of the authors write fiction, so there are romantic novels, WWII stories, western tales, etc.

I am not sure of all the similarities nor the differences between fiction and non-fiction, because I am a newbie in this world, but I always want to hear of the purpose in a Christian author’s writing. What is the eternal value in their book.

Since I am a non-fiction writer, I rely completely on the Holy Spirit’s leading for every word and concept on the computer. It is not spinning or creating a story. When I wrote my first book, “Chained No More…A Journey of Healing for the Adult Children of Divorce/Childhood Brokenness”, it was like God was directing my hand, bringing my past experiences and teachings through my fingers onto the keyboard. It was kind of a surreal feeling, to tell you the truth. When I finished each chapter, I would sit back in my big black chair and read with amazement what He had done. Sometimes, I bowed my head in tears. It was like a funnel of information, messages and concepts given from the Almighty God! This was HIS work!

What I realized today is that all three books that are published and the devotional that I just got back from editing was the same experience. Me. Sitting in a chair at a computer. Praying for guidance and then beginning to let my fingers fly as the Lord funnels in His words to the keyboard and onto the screen.

Yes I am a published author, led by the Author of all. Called, equipped and in awe.