The Empty Chair


Just looking at this empty chair reminds me of the loved ones I have lost in my life and also reminds me that the holidays are coming and they will not be here to celebrate Christ’s birth.

This past week, our family lost a wonderful close family friend who was like a grandmother to our children.  We spent many Christmases with her and her husband, she and I sang together in the church choirs and we would have her and her husband over for Christmas brunch every year.  We all loved her.  Her name was Grandma Carolyn and her husband was Papa Tom.

Because of her failing health, the only time we could see her in the past year was at their home and maybe a rare meal at a restaurant after one of her doctor appointments.   This Christmas, we know she is spending the holidays in Heaven with Jesus Himself.  She can walk and talk and sing and dance before the Savior now. She is truly Home.

You may have lost someone this past year and are really struggling with the holidays.  There will be that “empty chair,” one less voice, and a little emptier room.  Not all of us will have huge family celebrations, filled with mistletoe and holly, goodies and eggnog.  Help is on the way!

Our expert guest on Chained No More Talk Radio this week will be author Nancy Guthrie,  and her topic is “Surviving the Holidays After Losing a  Loved One.”  She has lived this several times, so will encourage listeners and give many practical tools to get through this holiday season.  Tune in Tuesday, December 6 at 2pm ET at  You can also download the podcast later at

If you are struggling this Christmas because you are facing the holidays with an empty chair, I pray you will feel God’s presence and also feel the Holy Spirit comfort your heart.  Feel what you feel and don’t try to keep pushing your grief down.  It is there and everyone else understands.  I learned that it wouldn’t hurt so bad if we didn’t love them so much.  Blessings for a Christmas of sweet memories to you and your family.