The Before and After Pictures

The beginning of each “Chained No More” class is a time of anxiety for the participants and leaders of our classes.  Participants come into the class with questions.  Questions such as – Will I be accepted?  Can I trust these people?  Will this “work” for me?  Am I the only one who feels this or has lived this?  Leaders come in with questions such as – Will they accept us?  Will they trust us?  With this work for each of them?

As the 13 weeks progress, we watch the participants explore and discover the endless ways the enemy has buried them in chains from divorce, abuse of many kinds, the divorce of their parents, abandonment, betrayal, etc.  These things have defined them more than they usually realize and many times they have just buried these issues and gone on with life.  The trouble is that these same issues continue to rear their ugly heads throughout life and their relationships. They want answers and they want healing!

About the 7th week, after 3 weeks of discovery and 3 weeks of working on deep issues, smiles begin to appear, eyes begin to lift and great hope shows in their faces.  Their relationships and marriages begin to improve in big ways as they heal.  THOSE are the moments CNM leaders look forward to!  Their issues from the start are answered…They ARE accepted.  They CAN trust the people in the room. This IS working for them.  They are NOT the only one who feels or has lived this.  It is stunningly beautiful!

They realize that this is not a quick fix or just dealing with attitudes and behavior, but getting to the root of their individual issues and truly healing from them once and for all. they walk through the important issue of forgiveness, but this time, they truly forgive it and walk away from it.  It has no power over them anymore.  Period.  Victory!!

The last sessions are strategy sessions which help then make the steps to long-lasting change in their lives.  Now they are making steps without the filter of pain they began the class with.  So exciting to watch them make plans for their future with a free mind and a desire to be all God made them to be.

These are the before and after pictures of Chained No More participants.  If you want to or have others who could benefit from this amazing class, you can email me at  The new self-study version of CN has been released as well, so if you don’t want to be part of a group, you can do it in privacy.  You can purchase both versions (self-discovery or curriculum books) at  Today is your “before picture”.  What will your “after picture” look like?