The Balancing Act

Our world is spinning in every direction and can suck us into it’s spin until we are completely out of balance.

Many of us are trying to rock a career, while still attending classes, raising kids,. trying to have a healthy marriage, maybe caring for aging parents and still make enough money to live on.  So many demands on our time and from all directions, right?  How did we get into this place and how do we find more balance in our lives?  When do we get to relax our bodies and minds, take time to dream, and just breathe normally?  Help!

Definition of “balance” – “Mental steadiness or emotional stability, habit of calm behavior, judgment, etc.”  Hmmmmm.  How are you doing with that???

I haven’t always been successful at having balance in my life. I give 100% of my self in almost everything I do, but what happens is that I will give my all to ministry and then my family life and health can suffer.  I can give 100% to my social life and helping people, and then our house and domestic things I need to do go by the wayside.  After all, there is no “eternal value” in vacuuming a carpet, right?

Maybe our imbalance is in spiritual things. We are so busy running kids from practices and games and performances, we just have enough time to throw some fast food in their mouths, press them to get their homework done, and then tell them goodnight. This happens three or four times a week.  By the time the weekend comes, we are too tired and behind on the laundry and other errands that we just can’t fit church in.  During a week, we are so pressed for time, that there is no time to spend in the Word of God or praying, besides looking up to God and saying, “HELP!”

In this techno age, every family member is looking at some sort of screen,  so eye-to-eye communication is rare. Did you realize that there are actually specialized therapists trained to help kids break addictions to electronics now?!  Talk about out of balance!

We could also add running to fast food drive-thru to pick up dinner or grabbing a pizza or any other prepared meals, so we can sit in front of the t.v. at the end of a day and letting our bodies become more and more unhealthy. Out of balance?

Maybe it is time for us to all assess what our week holds as a whole and figure out where the imbalances lie. Are you stressed?  Depressed?  Over-committed?

Do you know what your purpose in life is?  What are some of your goals? What would it take to reach them?  Could you set aside some activities that just fill your time?  Are your kids over busy just to  KEEP them busy?  When they grow up, will they remember their childhood as chaotic, running here and there, or will they say their family life was rich, nurturing, and healthy?  Hmmmmmm.

“Show me Your ways, O Lord, teach me Your paths; guide me in  Your Truth and teach me, for You are God, my Savior, and my hope is in You all day long.” Psalm 25:4-6  

BALANCE…BALANCE…BALANCE    Seek it, find it and live in it to reap more joy and freedom, beginning today.