Take It or Leave It


Do you have a difficult time making up your mind?  What to make for dinner?  What to wear? Choosing a brand of butter?  Whether to accept an invitation or not?

Just think of the thousands of decisions we have to make every day.  It begins with choosing to get up or not. Next choice might be whether to push the snooze button or not.  Just for a moment, think about all the choices you had to make in the last hour.

One of the most important choices is how we will respond to someone, such as your spouse or your kids.  We can choose to escalate an argument or walk away.  We can choose to yell or not.  We can choose to truly listen or not.

Now, let’s look at choices about other behavior.  We have a choice to tell the truth or lie.  To pray or not.  To read God’s Word or another book.  To follow laws or make our own.  To eat healthy or not. To exercise or just sit on the couch.  To ignore strangers or greet them.

See what I mean?  Thousands of choices every day.  Hey! You chose to read this blog, right?  Thanks!  I am glad you did.

Sometimes, we have some very important decisions to make, such as which person to marry,  which house to buy or rent, which car to buy, and so on.

The most important decisions we can make is about our relationship with God.

  • Will we make Him Lord of our life?
  • Will we learn and grow by seeking His Word?
  • Will we pray to Him and build a close relationship with Him?
  • Which church to attend so we can serve and grow?
  • Will we strive to be imitators of Christ in all we do?  (Eph. 5:1,2)

Think about how you make decisions.  Are you so busy that you just quickly try to determine the choices you have to make and make them “on the fly?”  Don’t let that be how you make decisions that have eternal value or consequences.  Take your time, seek Him and then decide whether to “take it or leave it.”


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