Stuck in a Rut

stuck in a rut

Have you ever gotten stuck in mud or snow while in your car?  You know, the kind of rut that no matter what you do, you just keep getting deeper and deeper in the muck?  I remember, as a child, that my dad would get stuck in the snow from time to time when we lived in Alaska.  For those of us kids where were strong enough, we would get behind the car and push with all of our might while Mom would sit at the wheel to steer us out.  Inevitably, when we got back into the car, our clothes were covered in whatever we were stuck in.  Ahhhh, the memories!

Life can be like that too.  We may not be paying attention to where we are going or where we stop.  The moment, we try to move forward again is when we realize we are stuck in a pattern or habit.   These habits could be unhealthy relationships, lack of good confrontation skills, the inability to exhibit good and affective communication skills, addictions, laziness, etc.  The list could go on because we are human and sometimes don’t see the  issue until it has gripped us.

Do you feel like you are stuck and have no hope of ever getting out of what you are living?   Have you given up trying?  Have you just resigned to the fact that this is what it will always be?  That muck and mire you are stuck in can take hold, but it doesn’t have to be that way forever.

God’s Word says that “NOTHING is impossible with Christ.”  NOTHING!  There IS a way out, and if you ask Him to show you and are willing to “put feet to it”, you CAN step over that obstacle, grow from it and move forward without it.  It is vitally important to look at the struggles you have, evaluate how you got there in the first place, see the patterns you are living in and be purposeful in taking the steps to rise out of it and live free.  Sound good?

If you feel it would be helpful, evaluate the people you spend time with, and then make a point of surrounding yourself with positive people and getting involved in positive things.  Most importantly, do.not.isolate.yourself!!!  Read that again.   Isolation will only keep you swirling in your own hurt.  You want a new perspective and you can’t get that with only your thoughts.

One resource you might be interested in is “The Journey Principles” by Stephen Scoggins. He lived a challenging childhood that led him to live under a bridge and then to the brink of suicide on a bridge.  God led him out of that and guided Him to start some multi-million dollar businesses.  Now, Stephen and his team run a growing and amazing ministry called Journey Principles Institute.  It helps people who are stuck to step over their obstacles, learn from those obstacles and move forward without them.  You can listen to the Chained No More Talk Radio podcast of my interview with Stephen at  You will be blown away by his compelling story, passion, and wisdom!  He even offers a free ebook download at

“The righteous cry out, and the Lord hears them; He delivers them from all their troubles.  the Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.”  Psalm 34:17,18

If you are “stuck in a rut” and truly want to get out of that rut, the first step is, according to Stephen Scoggins, to be aware.  Be aware what has gotten you in that rut in the first place, who and what still has power over you, how they have affected you, what are you feeding your mind with, and if you living in unforgiveness (talk about a big rut!).  Start there and begin to spin those wheels, step on the gas, and drive out of that rut once and for all. Go!!