Step-Grand parents: Where Do They Fit In?

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Facebook is full of pictures of new babies; the joy in the face of their parents and the grandparents holding that little bundle that they already love with all their hearts.
The grandparents have great anticipation of hours spent with these babies as they grow; experiences of birthday parties, going to the park,  family BBQs, overnight visits and maybe even going to visit Mickey Mouse someday.  Grandparents can usually enjoy the good times with their grandchildren and when those kids go home to their parents, Grandma and Grandpa collapse in their easy chairs and take a long-deserved nap.  They learn to know their grandchildren inside and out, if  the family is indeed a healthy one.

Because of the high amount of divorce in our country today, many times, grandparents are alienated from their grandchildren and the devastation of that cannot be measured.  I have see it time after time. Now, not only have the kids lost an intact family, but also, because of their parents’ battle,  they have lost their grandparents who they love with all their heart.

Let’s add another element…one or both of the parents get remarried and the kids are reeling from that event. Now, there are new step-grandparents to learn to trust and hopefully learn to love. Who are these people?  They represent a new parent in their dad’s or mom’s life and if that new marriage is not accepted by the child, a relationship with their step-grandparents can be very tumultuous or non-accepted by the child.  What a mess we put our kids in, huh?

New step-grandparents don’t know what to do or how involved to get in the kids’ lives.  They don’t want to offend the parents or be in competition with the biological grandparents.  They need to be invited in. It is confusing for all.   How can families maneuver through all of this chaos?

Tuesday, August 29, our guests on Chained No More Talk Radio will address all of this as they discuss the topic, “Help!  I  Am a Step Grandparent!  Now What?”  Tune in to hear step-family experts, Carri and Gordon Taylor discuss this dilemma, hear different perspectives, and learn practical tools to find ways to build healthy relationships within the step-family.  The program will be at 2-3pm ET at  Get your notepads out, because we are going to learn a lot that could make a huge difference in our families!

You can download the podcast later that day at
The best thing you can do as a step-grandparent is to pray and ask the Lord to guide you and let HIM control what happens.  That is what my husband and I have done. It takes time to build healthy, loving relationships, and this is no exception, as my husband and I are now learning  as new step-grandparents to Cora and CJ.

“Great is the Lord and most worthy of praise, His greatness no one can fathom.   One generation will commend your works to another;  they will tell of Your mighty acts…Your kingdom is an everlasting kingdom and Your dominion endures through all generations.”  Psalm 145