Starting Over

starting over

Track and field events are  increasing in popularity.  Everything from junior marathons, to Special Olympics, to Senior events are popping up around our country.  Marathoners from around the world travel to America to run our marathons. Then there are the Olympic athletes who train for years for that one victory at the finish line, so they can hold their country’s flag high above all others.

It takes dedication, endless hours away from family, beating their body and joints into the ground and other sacrifices untold to reach goals.  How do I know this?  Because our son, Scott, is a marathoner, triathalon coach and two time Ironman, that’s why!  He is very disciplined, purposeful, and dedicated to his sport as he spends hours on his bike, running the pavement and swimming in cold water.  That’s our boy and we are very proud of him.

This makes me think about those of us who may not be a track and field star, but are running the race of life.  Just like our son, sometimes there is an injury and we have to stop, get treatment and heal from the damage.  It may be the loss of a loved one or a job, a devastating divorce, separation from a church family, or any number of other experiences of loss.

How do we start over again?  How do we take a chance that we won’t go through the same thing and suffer more damage?  What steps do we have to take and how do we find the strength to begin again?  Sometimes, these questions can lead us to become frozen in time, just trying to survive day by day.

The first step in change is awareness.  The second step is acceptance.  The third step is action. This is part of nurturing yourself.  You see something that needs to change that could improve your life and you find a way to do it….Chained No More

On Tuesday, June 6 at 2pm ET (, we will have a guest on Chained No More Talk Radio that will help you with this very thing.  Her name is Anne Denmark and she is an incredible life coach who has a passion for helping her clients find a way to be the best they can be.  You will learn concepts and strategies of how to begin again and find freedom from the things that hold you back.  Don’t miss it!  If you can’t listen to this podcast LIVE, be sure and go to to download the podcast at your convenience.

Have you become frozen and really want to start over again?  You can do it because God’s Word says so.  “I CAN do ALL things through GOD who strengthens me.”Phil. 4:13

When we read the stories of those in crisis in the Bible and how the Lord God led them out, we can certainly trust Him to do the same for us.  Listen to the Chained No More podcast coming up, and then make your way to the starting line, get ready, set, and GO! …in the name of Jesus!