Snowball Fights

snowball fight

I have  many memories of living in Alaska where my dad pastored a church.  Some of the most fun memories I have are the endless hours of playing in the snow.  A LOT of snow!!

We would get together with the neighbor kids and build igloos, snowmen (and women), ice skate on the little frozen pond a couple of blocks from our home, and make snow angels until our fingers were frozen and our noses felt they were going to fall off!  It was cold, but it was fun.  Really fun!

Every once in awhile, we would all get into a big time snowball fight.  These fights all began in good fun, but it wasn’t long before someone was hit in the face, snow was thrown down someone’s back and then tempers flared.  There was almost no way to end a snowball fight without someone walking away getting mad or yelling over their shoulder, “I’m going to go tell mom on you!”  The next day or two, it would begin all over again….Ahhhhh! childhood memories.

We can compare snowball fights with the arguments and fights we find ourselves in sometimes with other adults  now.  Oh, our conversations may begin with a difference of opinions, but can quickly move into voices rising, anger flaring and before we know it, it can turn into a full out fight.  If we had the tools to experience conflict resolution, we could save our relationship and sometimes  just  “agree to disagree.”

Many of us were raised in a home where fights and arguments were part of our everyday life.  We  saw our parents yelling at each other, and in some cases, including  physical abuse.  We didn’t see them “talk it out”, forgive one another, or experience peace in the home unless everyone was sleeping at night.  We were not taught about conflict resolution or restoration in our relationships, so we experience the same battles in our own homes.  Is that your story?

I am happy to tell you about the next Chained No More Talk Radio show coming this week, Feb. 7.  The title is “Conflict Resolution at its Best” and our expert guest is Dr. Marlin Schultz, a marriage and family therapist for over 30 years.  This is an ENCORE show, so you can download the podcast anytime by going to, go to “view all podcasts” and find the original podcast on  02-10-16. 

This podcast will air again on Feb. 7 and you can go to at 2-3pm ET.  The hour with Dr. Schultz is chock full of practical tools and education of how two people can resolve a conflict in a civil and respectful way.  It could save your marriage or any other relationship you may be in.  Don’t miss it!

“Take note of this:  Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to become angry, for man’s (or women’s) does not bring about the righteous life that God desires.” James 1: 19,20

Is it time to change the atmosphere  in your home and stop merely throwing “snowballs” at each other?  Hmmmmm????