Skinning Our Spiritual Knees

A couple of weeks ago, our Pastor, Ben Cross was talking about our human failures and how it was like “skinning our spiritual knees”. Great analogy, Pastor.

All of us have made mistakes, made bad choices and some of us have turned our back on the Lord for awhile. Think back on your life and think of a time when you were in this place.

Whenever my walk with God has taken a step back, I notice that I don’t have peace in my spirit and I don’t want to be with others as much. I kind of shrink back and “live in my own little world of self-pity and hurt”.

Struggles we face, like divorce, challenges with family members, trouble at work or other tough circumstances can knock us flat sometimes. When that happens, we can either fall to our knees before God and seek Him or we can skin our spiritual knees once again and try to bandage it ourselves.

When falling and skinning our knees, it hurts at first and we look at it to assess the damage. After awhile, however, it will usually cause a scar to appear, which is a reminder of a tough fall. The same goes for our shortcomings, bad decisions and choices. It hurts at first and we look at it through eyes of pain. Do we need a bandage and where do we get it? God’s Word and seeking His perspective. Do we try to forget it ever happened or do we continue to clean it up and seek healing? Yes, we may end up with a scar and even some large scars, but when we seek His perspective, accept the Lord’s forgiveness and acceptance, pretty soon we won’t even notice it. He has healed it!

Do you have some nasty scars that need the healing of the Great Physician? Why not “make an appointment” and come before Him with a humble heart, then confess and be open to the best Healer of all? The Bible is full of wonderful stories of how Jesus healed those who believed. Will you believe today and seek His healing? Let Him be the One who cleans and bandages your spiritually skinned knees and heart.