Sacrifice and Service


How many times have we seen the videos of soldiers coming home from overseas and surprising family members.  There is great joy, cheers, flowing tears, and hugs and kisses.  It is enough to make ya cry!

Behind every moment of joy at their return, are the months and even years of being apart from their soldier.  Sleepless nights, fear for their loved one’s safety, making decisions alone, and raising the kids as a single parent are just a few of the challenges of being a military family.

Watching the newscasts concerning our troops in faraway lands, troops attacked and killed can seem far away to us civilians, but there are families back in the U.S. who are devastated.  Children who lose their parent and spouses who now must pick up the pieces.

There are around 1 million troops sacrificing their lives in America for us and behind every one of them are families who are also making sacrifices.  It seems like we don’t notice them enough or thank them enough.  How can we, as we go on with our lives?

What is it like to be a military family?  How do they connect with their loved one so far away?  How do they handle the loneliness?  How do the kids handle having daddy or mommy gone for such a long time?  How can the church reach out to these families?  How can we encourage and support them?

This Tuesday, on the “Chained No More” radio show, we will talk with Sandra Beck, talk show host for “Military Moms Talk Radio” and talk about all of these issues concerning military families.  It will be a very informative and inspiring show.  Let’s learn about the life of military families together!  Tuesday, August 18 at 2-3pm ET at 

The next time we see one of those military family reunions, let’s pause to thank the Lord for their sacrifice and service.  They all deserve it!


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