Ripples and Splashes

Would you consider yourself someone who causes ripples or splashes in the life of others?  Consider a beautiful pond, surrounded by the beautiful colors of fall foliage.  The water is like glass except for a couple of ducks gliding over the water.  You can hear crows above you and the sun streams down on your face between the billowy white clouds.  Now, this is a peaceful word picture, isn’t it?

The ducks cause small ripples that surround them wherever they go on this glistening pond. As they move to another part of the pond, the ripples disappear.  All of a sudden, someone from the other side of the water, begins to skim rocks over the surface and small trails of splashes begin to disturb the glasslike water.

Now, that same person finds a large rock and lugs it into the pond and the splash makes a huge sound. The entire pond will soon be affected and it will be quite some time before the pond will become  like glass again.

This picture makes me ask the question about the influence for Christ I have in this world.  Am I one who just leaves a small little ripple, so hardly anyone notices?  Do I even make a ripple at all and just not get involved?  Or do I, along with others, make efforts occasionally to spread His love around me like those ducks did together in the pond? We may make stronger ripples, but they don’t last very long as we move from activity to activity.

What I really want to do is make a big splash and bring many to Jesus Christ.  It takes effort and commitment to “lug” the message to them, but I want the whole world to know that He is the answer to any problem they have or have had.  I want to stir up the water with long lasting effects for the Kingdom and His Truth.

How about you?  Are you a “ripple” or a “splash” for Christ?