Putting Blinders On

This past week, I was involved in a Facebook conversation about hurting people all around us. The first post was about a teen boy riding his skateboard at a park. He stopped to look in the garbage, found a fast food bag and ate what was left in it. Obviously, he was hungry enough to dig for food.

The conversation continued about how many of us save, spend and ask for money so we can go on an exciting mission trip across the seas or over the Mexican border. We must go where we feel God is calling us, but do we even see or get involved with all the hurting children and homeless right in front of our eyes in the United States?

Stats are high in the U.S. for children who are hungry. Children are hurting immensely from the divorce, drug use, abuse of their parents. Human trafficking is a huge problem in our communities.

There are ministries and missions all around our country that we can get involved in, so Google specific ministries and see where the Lord leads. God has given each of us gifts and talents that we can use, so let’s get involved and extend the arms of Jesus to those in our own community. No more blinders. Let’s ask the Lord to help us see what He sees.

“Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.” Hmmmm. Let’s preach and serve and love with His love to those in our own part of the world.