Purpose In Our Days

What do you believe your purpose in  life is?  Some of us could have lofty answers like, “to glorify God” or “to reach others for Christ”.  Some of us could have other, more human answers like, “To be the best I can be”, or “to be good to all mankind and bring peace in the world”.  But you….what do you believe your purpose is?  Why did God put you on the earth?  What was His purpose for you?  Does that even matter to you?

Some of us are too busy just trying to live life and survive to think of things like this.  We have a job, kids, bills to pay, broken relationships, health issues, political anxieties….who has time for purpose except to make it day to day?  Is that what you are saying right now?

Some of us are past the kids being at home and are retired, so we may feel like our purpose is over and we just need to relax, travel and enjoy the years in this chapter of our life.  What is YOUR purpose?  If God didn’t have a purpose for you to be on this earth today, He would take you home.  It doesn’t matter what age you are today; He still has a plan for your life.  Many grandpas and grandmas feel like they are “put out to pasture” or not needed anymore, so they sit in their chairs and wait for the inevitable.  Wait a minute!!!  There are still people to be reached for Christ, there are still those who need encouragement with a call or a note or a kind word.  There are still many ministries that need your financial and prayer support.  You may have served in the church for many years and feel that is over or you may have spent countless hours in Bible study and have great wisdom. What are you giving out?

Like my dad said, “I will serve the Lord until the day I drop in the box” and he did.  I share that same fervor.  I don’t want to miss a chance to serve my God with all I have.  As long as I have breath in my body, I will give all I can for His purpose.  What is your purpose? Ask Him to show you and then give 100% and give Him all the glory.