Pumping the Weights of Life

Pumping Weights

Sometimes life is fairly smooth and then there are times when it feels like we are lifting heavy weights.  Every day brings another set of weights and before long, we are completely overwhelmed and don’t even know HOW to let go of the weights of our life.

It begins with the 2 lb. weight of an argument, then increases to the 5 lb. of putting each other down and crushing words, then the 10 lb. of threats, and then the 100 lbs. of a separation and the 1,000 lb. of divorce.  Before long, if we don’t do what it takes to remove the 2 lbs. of the argument at the beginning, the situation gets heavier and heavier until we are crushed by the weight of divorce.

Our strength can increase if we find healthy ways of addressing the issues head on instead of letting them build and build. Healthy ways, such as:

  • Well-chosen words with the goal of resolution, not competition.
  • Kind words instead of putdowns, swearing, and yelling.
  • Encouraging words instead of words that hurt.
  • Listening more than talking.
  • Grace more than condemnation.
  • Loving more than hating or distaste.
  • Compromise instead of fighting to be right

Sometimes the weight of the world comes by tragedy or crisis; death, divorce, accident, etc.  These are the times that we are humanly unable to stand up and “pump the weights”.  It is the time we should stand on the Rock for our strength and let God sustain us until we are stronger to move forward.

That is the story of our guest on “Chained No More Talk Radio’ on Tuesday, Oct. 6 at 2pm ET at www.toginet.com.  James Cruise will share his incredible story of family tragedy and how God lifted him out of it and called him to a life of ministry.  Don’t miss it!  You will be inspired and encouraged.  To download the podcast later, www.toginet.com/shows/chainednomore.


Let this scripture be your “trainer” when the weights of life begin to overwhelm you.

“Give thanks to the Lord, call on His name; make known among the nations what He has done.  Sing to Him, sing praise to Him; tell of all His wonderful acts.  Glory in His holy name; let the hearts of those who seek the Lord rejoice.  Look to the Lord and HIS strength; seek His face always.”  I Chron. 16:8-11

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