Out of the Tunnel

Have you ever felt like you were stumbling around in a tunnel and didn’t know how to get out of it?  Maybe you are unemployed and can’t seem to find a good job.  Maybe you have been in depression for so long that you don’t know any other way to live.  Maybe you have isolated yourself in your home and are afraid to step out in the sun and truly live with a higher quality of life.

For the last while, I have found myself not so much in a tunnel, but in the rut of just doing the same things week after week and month after month.  Oh, there was purpose in my days and joy in the journey, but I felt a stir that something else was out there for me to do for the Lord.  What was it?  Where would He lead me next?

Just when those feelings were getting stronger, God made it very clear what He wanted the next level of ministry for me to be.  I have learned over decades of serving Him, that I don’t have to worry about the details because God goes before me and will equip me in whatever I need.  Many times, I have said to myself, “I either trust Him or I don’t,  Period.”

Now, here we are at the beginning of the next level of Robyn B Ministries and Chained No More.  I am out of the tunnel of complacency and even boredom sometimes.  We are headed to the next chapter of ministry and I am beyond excited about what is in store.  Stay tuned!!  It is going to be a ride; an incredible ride of ministry.

The first thing I had to do was end my Chained No More Talk Radio show for now.  I have taken a year off to use the time and funds for new adventures and ministry growth.  I have had an incredible education from all of my expert guests, and will use what I learned for the next step.  The second thing was, I lessened my local Chained No More classes.  I will only do one set this Spring so I can focus on other projects.

Here are what the next steps will include:

  • Create a Chained No More DVD series so churches around the world will be able to hold Chained No More classes.
  • Speaking around the country at national conferences and events concerning Chained No More and the issues it was written for. (www.robynbministries.com/chainednomore)
  • Developing Chained No More women’s retreats and couples retreats where individuals and couples will be able to work through some of the issues that have affected them all their lives, be healed. and learn practical tools to move forward, free from the chains of the past.

We would appreciate your prayers, support and encouragement as we step out of the tunnel and run toward the Light of the World.

If your church might be interested in reserving a weekend for a Chained No More Retreat, or have me come speak and sing at your next event, please let me know by emailing me at robyn@robynbministries.com or calling (541) 953-5374.  I am ready to go, in the name of Jesus!

“Blessed are those who have learned to acclaim You; who walk in the light of Your presence, O Lord.  They rejoice in Your name all day long they exult in Your righteousness.”  Psalm 89:15,16

I encourage you to evaluate if you are stuck in a tunnel and want to find your way out to the Light.  It’s a new year and the time is right!  May God bless you and give you more freedom to be all He meant you to be. Let’s go!!!