Never Too Late

Do you know people who are constantly late for everything?  You make plans for dinner or a movie and they show up a half an hour late and rush in with their apologies every.single.time?  Usually those same people hate to wait for others but they don’t mind making other people wait for them.  Maybe you are one of those people that always seem to be behind schedule and are constantly apologizing to those around you for being late.

If you are one of the late ones, ask yourself why that is.  Is it because you are unorganized, try to cram too much in an hour, or you don’t really think it is a big deal.  My mother always taught us that people who keep people waiting all the time are selfish and only thinking of themselves. She taught that they are being disrespectful to others. I took that seriously and determined I would try not to just think of myself in this and be considerate of others.

Now, sometimes circumstances prevent us from being on time, but the important part of that is to communicate if you are running late and to make sure it doesn’t happen often.  It is a matter of respect for the person you are meeting with.  Another question…how do you feel when you have to wait for someone?  Irritated, feeling disrespected, or like they don’t care about your time?  Well………

Those of us who have to wait often for someone cannot change the person who is constantly late.  We can, however, adjust what we do. 1) You may have the person call when  they are leaving their house or office.   2)  Instead of having them meet you at your house, you can meet them at the movie or restaurant.  3)  Let them know how their constant tardiness makes you feel and how it affects your relationship and come up with a common solution.

There is a lot in the Word of God about living in peace and unity with others.  (Psalm 133:1  Ephesians 4:3, etc.)  This may be one area where keeping the peace and unity can be improved on in your life, so “do the work to make it work”.  It’s never too late!

Wait a minute!   What time is it?!