Glenda M.

There are no words for what this CD has done for me! Robyn is truly annointed!

Donna N.

Whenever I am going through a struggle, I put 'Through the Rain' on and feel bathed in His Spirt. Beautiful!


I play 'Through the Rain' whenever I am in the car. I think I have worn it out!

Betty S.

I have given copies of 'Through the Rain' to several people I know who are in crisis. It is a wonderful ministry tool.

Kirsten F.

You can feel God's love pour over you throughout this album.

Jessie S.

This CD soothes my soul whenever I am in turmoil. Every word in every song ministers to me and points me toward the loving arms of Jesus.

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Through The Rain

“Through the Rain” is a CD that was designed to gently bring the listener from crisis to hope in Jesus Christ. From the first instrumental to the powerful song of victory, “I Will Rise”, the listener can sit back and let the music bathe them in God’s truth and comfort.

The majority of the songs on “Through the Rain” were written by Robyn B from her experience with those in crisis, and therefore address the deep emotions of struggles of life.

Not only is this CD for the one purchasing it, but also can be used as a ministry tool for anyone to encourage people they know who are living through a crisis of their own. For those not going through crisis presently, this CD can encourage them in how God has faithfully helped them overcome.

About The Artist

Robyn has been singing for the Lord since she was four years old and has dedicated her music only to Him all of her life.  She has sung in churches, concerts, retreats, women’s events, and community venues in the United States, Mexico, Canada and Europe.  She has written and recorded two previous albums.

“Through the Rain” is a unique project because it was written to take the listener from crisis to hope, one song at a time.  Robyn has ministered in word and song to countless people in crisis for most of her ministry career.  In this project, she wants to connect with the deep, devastating emotions of someone going through great pain and possibly ready to give up.  She developed “Through the Rain” to decompress and connect with the listener, and then bring them toward healing and victory in Jesus.