Mismatched Socks

mismatched socks

Do you believe there is a sock snatcher in every home?  You know, they take only one sock in a pair and leave one behind in the laundry basket?  No matter how hard I tried, when the kids were home, there was that lone sock…what the heck?!

For those of you who are married, do you ever feel like you and your spouse are like mismatched socks?  Nothing really clicks and there are times of avoidance and ignoring one another.  Does that sound familiar?  After awhile, you both begin to feel like you are roommates more than spouses.  Mismatched socks.

Evenings are spent with each of you sitting in your separate chairs, looking at screens of all sizes instead of in each other’s eyes and having a personal conversation.  Each of you may be so busy with your own careers and activities, that you are like ships passing in the night.  It doesn’t take long before you both realize this wasn’t the type of marriage you planned the day you both walked down the aisle.  What happened?

With every decade, life changes and we need to adjust to those changes.  Oh, in the first decade, couples usually have children and kids begin school.  One or both need to work outside the home to make ends meet, so couples come home at the end of the day, do what they have to do for their evening rituals and then when the kids finally get into bed, couples can be too tired for each other.  Just easier to zone out in front of a screen.

The second decade brings families into a swirl of activities, as their kids get involved in school activities and sports, music, dance, etc.  The mom and dad, if they are still married at this point, can become like ships in the night as they run the family schedule.  They barely spend any alone time as a couple and their relationship shows that.  Oh well, gotta keep going!

Now, the third decade begins and the kids are graduating and going off to college.  Finances can become really tight because of college expenses and tension can rise between mom and dad.  It is at this time that couples can realize that they didn’t build a close relationship while the kids were growing up and they didn’t share interests or hobbies and now…The Empty Nest…. “What do we do now?  I don’t even know you!”

If there has been betrayal in the marriage or a lot of unresolved issues, sometimes the only option couples think they have is to part ways and become part of the “gray divorce” statistics, which is the fastest growing demographic in our country today.

Where are you and your spouse in this today?  Do you both enjoy loving, evolving and satisfying marriage?  Are you unhappy in your marriage, want it to get better, but don’t know how?

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How about assessing your marriage  about its status and how you can serve the Lord more effectively by serving your spouse as well a serving Him together, so your marriage glorifies Him better.