Letting Go with Confidence

trapeze artist

Have you ever been to a circus and had jaw-dropping moments when you watched the trapeze artists high in the air swinging from one trapeze to the next?  Most of them had a large net underneath them, but sometimes they didn’t.  There was always an element of fear that one of these daring people would fall to their death, or at least be seriously injured as their body slammed into the ground beneath them.

Well, that’s what was on my mind as a spectator, whether I was a little girl or an adult.  How do they gather up the bravery to do such a thing to entertain their audiences.  Wow!  The most daring thing I have ever done was when we were kids.  We would swing out on a huge rope, attached to a big tree branch, with a knot at the end of it high over the sound in Alaska.  We never imagined that we could certainly fall to OUR death.  It was fun!  That’s all we knew.   Yikes!  I kept my guardian angel busy, that’s for sure!!!

This scenario makes me think of our lives, which are always changing.  There are times we need to adjust, let go of the past, adjust and heal, and then reach for the future ahead.  Just like a trapeze artist, they have to let go of the first trapeze before reaching for the next one.  Make sense?  What would happen if they never let go of the first one, but also tried to grab onto the next one at the same time?  They would kind of just be caught in mid-air without going in either direction, except to fall to the ground below.

Sometimes, we are afraid to let go of a past full of trauma, or a marriage, or a job we were comfortable in.  We can sit in discontent and fear, and even depression year after year, and never move forward.  To let go can be scary and uncertain, but the Lord is clear in His Word about never leaving us or forsaking us.  “Behold I am with you ALWAYS, even unto the end of the age.” Period.  Matthew 28:19

“Never be afraid to trust an unknown future  to a known God.” – Unknown

This week on Chained No More Talk Radio, our guest will be Dr. Michelle Bengston, the author of “Hope Prevails.”  Her life has been full of trauma, disappointment, fear and unthinkable crisis.  Year after year, she has persevered, trusted in the Almighty God to lead her through them, and has now worked to bring others to find hope .  She is an experienced neuropsychologist, with a compassionate heart for those who are struggling.  Tune in on Tuesday, June 13 at 2pm ET at www.toginet.com

Could this be the day that  you let go of the “first trapeze”, fly through the “neutral zone” and then grab onto the next trapeze with hope and confidence in where God might be leading you?  Get ready for anything, because God said He goes before you and He has plans for the rest of your life.  Ready…Set Go!!  Time to fly!