Kids and Rainbows

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Today was the day I was going to write about different types of childhoods; the good bad, and the ugly.  How the many colors of our lives are like a rainbow; some dark and some vibrant and fun.

I turned the t.v. on and the news was about the shootings in a San Bernadino elementary school today.  It was a domestic  violence thing where a guy came in, shot his girlfriend, shot two children, and then turned the gun on himself.  Tragic!

I can’t imagine the trauma this caused in these children who witnessed such a crisis.  Once again, “the kids pay the highest price.”  They will live with this memory all of their lives.  My hearts hurt for them.  When I turned the t.v. off, I immediately prayed for those children, their parents, the clergy who would be involved, and the teachers who have lost one of their own.

If we were honest, we can all think of things from our childhood that have left an ugly mark on our lives.  Maybe it was parents who divorced, abuse, injuries or disease, homelessness, etc.  Most of us lived through them, but still remember.  Many times childhood damage sticks with us for all of our lives, if we don’t find healing.

“Come to Me, all who are weary and are burdened, and I will give You rest.”    Matthew 11:25

Tomorrow, April 11 at 2pm ET, our guest on Chained No More Talk Radio will be Tam Hodge, author of “And Now I Choose”, which tells her childhood story and the many unfortunate choices she made as a young adult.  It will be a compelling and inspiring show for our listeners.  You can hear Tam Hodge LIVE at or download the podcast later at

Tonight is a good time to connect with your children/grandchildren, hug them if you can, and let them know how much you love and treasure them.  This world is full of hurt and anger.  Please take some time to pray for the families in San Bernadino tonight.  Today, they lived the dark colors of their rainbow.