I Need An Oasis!


When you think of a desert, what comes to your mind?  Hot, dry sand for miles?  Blazing sun and unquenchable thirst?  Egypt and camels?

The Sahara Desert, located on 3.629 million miles on the continent of Africa, is a perfect example of what a desert looks like.  Here are some other facts:

  •  The heat rises to over 120 degrees F in the summer, day after day.
  • The Sahara takes up 8% of the total worlds land.  Wow!
  • The Sahara used to be rich, fertile farmland in 6,000 BC.

This incredible desert isn’t all sand.  It actually has over 80,000 square miles of oasis land, which includes water and palm trees.  Oh, how soothing it must be to climb down off your camel and jump in the water and then lay under one of those trees.  Talk about prime real estate!

There are times in our lives when we feel like we might be wandering in a desert.  It may be because of separation or divorce, loss of a job or a loved one, consequences of wrong decisions and relationships, lingering health issues, etc.  Sometimes, we feel like there is no answer to what we are suffering through and we drop to our knees in despair.

Help!  I Need An Oasis!  I need relief.  I need hope.  I need answers!  I need to know someone understands and cares!  I need a way out!  God, do You hear me?!!

“Hear my prayer, O Lord; let my cry for help come to You.  Do not hide Your face from me when I am in distress.  Turn Your ear to me; when I call, answer me quickly.” Psalm 102:1-2

I have laid on the floor next to a woman in a fetal position as she agonized over her shattered family.  Her heart was full of fear, abandonment and great hurt.  I have prayed with endless single parents as they try to steady themselves in the midst of their crisis.  I have held the children as they cried over their devastation.  Such a powerful example of the human desert of life.

The most amazing Oasis is the love, acceptance, forgiveness and grace of Jesus Christ.  His Holy Spirit can soothe your soul and guide you to a victorious life.  The Bible is the Guidebook to the Oasis, if you reach out for it.  God’s Word is full of promises and can fill your mind and heart with His truths and those truths can cover all the lies you might have been living in.

Elsa Kok Colopy, an expert of DivorceCare, will be my guest on the Chained No More radio show on Tuesday, July 21 at 2-3pm ET.  “Successful Single Parenting” is what we will be discussing.  Elsa was a single parent for 12 years and she knows the challenges and heart-breaking realities of that life.  She found great healing through the church and God’s Word. She is a wonderful communicator and you will feel like she is talking just to you.

Listen LIVE at www.toginet.com  or download the podcast at www.toginet.com/shows/chainednomore

Are you in a desert right now and feel there is no way out?  Look upward for a soothing oasis filled with the cooling love, grace, forgiveness of God and dip into the joy of the Lord.


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