Hopes for 2015

What do you hope for this new year?  What would you like to see happen?  What goals would you like to reach?

Do you hope for more peace in your home?  Do you hope for a promotion at work or stronger financial stability?  Do you hope God will bring you someone to share life with?  Do you hope for a family conflict to be resolved?  Do you hope your walk with Jesus will be closer?  Do you hope for better health or maybe some answers to health issues?  Do you hope you get stronger after losing someone you loved in 2014?

HOPE:  1)  “The feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out for the best.”  2) “To look forward to with desire and reasonable confidence;  to believe, desire or trust.”

Most of us have hopes and dreams, but many times we are not willing to “put in the work” to make it happen.  I always say, “Do the work to make it work”.  Let’s look at some examples:

1)  You hope for more peace in your home.  Look inward first…Do you yell, demand, hit, or put others down?  Are you controlling or manipulative?  “Do the work to make it work” and work on your own reactions to those around you first.

2)  You hope you will move up at work.  Look inward first…Do you just expect it to happen or are you getting some more education in your area of work?  Is your attitude positive and do you encourage other co-workers?  “Do the work to make it work” and see how you can be worthy of that promotion.

3)  You hope your walk with Jesus will grow closer.  Look inward first…Are you spending one-on-one time with Him each day?  Do you care that your life does not reflect what He wants it to?  “Do the work to make it work” and make the spiritual adjustments you need to become a stronger child of His.

“Find rest, O my soul, in God alone; my hope comes from Him.  He alone is my Rock and my Salvation;  He is my Fortress, I will not be shaken.”   Psalm 62:5,6

I hope 2015 will be all you hope it will be and that you will indeed “do the work to make it work”.

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