Hopes and Dreams


Did you have hopes and dreams when you were a child?  Did you dream of being a fairy princess?  Did you dream that Prince Charming would come on his big white horse and scoop you up to live happily every after?  If you were a boy, did you dream of someday being a fireman and saving people in burning buildings or being a cowboy riding on the range ?

In the more innocent days of childhood, our mind is free to wander and dream of faraway places and fairytales.  Then…real life happens and little by little, those hopes and dreams begin to change and be more down to earth, so to speak.

Our family may go through a crisis of some kind and it isn’t so easy to just close our eyes and escape into a dream.  We may try reading  books to escape, or head toward an addiction or get busy with the everyday details.  Dreams?  What dreams?  This is real life!

As we head into our young adulthood, our hopes and dreams may turn into goals and purpose to make a living and support a family.  Which college should we go to?  What career path should we take?  Is this who I should marry and begin a family with?  How am I going to pay all my bills?  Will I be a good parent?  What about God?  Dreams?  What dreams?

What are your hopes and dreams for your life today?  Did you get sidetracked by what has occurred in your life?  Were  you damaged, so dreams seem impossible?  Did someone tell you that your were worthless, so you began to believe that you were not worth those dreams and they would never come true? What power have you given to those who hurt you?

Beginning today, make it a goal to find out just who God says you are and believe that if He calls you, there is NOTHING you can’t do, in His name.  What does that mean?  It means that if He has called you to something, He has gifted you, He will walk beside you, will equip you every step of the way, and He promises He goes before you.  You!  The one who has hopes and dreams!

“I KNOW the plans I have for YOU,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper YOU and not to harm YOU, plans to give YOU hope and a future. Then YOU will call upon Me and come and pray to Me, and I WILL listen to YOU.  YOU will seek Me and find ME when YOU seek Me with all YOUR heart. I WILL be found by YOU.”  Jeremiah 29:11-14a

The Lord God is talking to YOU;  the one who has broken hopes and dreams.  Look up and seek Him.   Here is how to begin:

1) Write your hopes and dreams down on paper; the ones you had as a child and throughout your life.

2)Write down the hopes and dreams you have for your life right now if nothing held you back.

3)Make a list of what will get you there and what will hold you back.

4)Pray over those lists and make a plan; one step at a time.

5)Look for your resources, talk to a pastor and/or a counselor, mentor or life coach.

6)Look in the Bible to find verses of hope.

YOU can do it;  yes, YOU can!!! Make a change and head toward those hopes and dreams that were meant for YOU.


Our guest on Chained No More Talk Radio this week is an author who will address the topic of hopes and dreams and how to go for it.  Her book, “Go For It!”  is a wonderful resource to get you started.  Tune in to hear Poppy Smith on Tuesday, October 25 at 2-3pm ET at www.toginet.com.