Hooray For Being a Woman!

I love being a woman!  There, I said it!  I love wearing pretty clothes and cute shoes.  I love having two hour lunches with girl friends.  I love cheering my girl friends on to be the best they can be.  I love to nurture, encourage, making them laugh, and holding them while they cry.  I love listening to a good story from a friend.  I love to go shopping with friends.  I love “chick flicks”. I love laughing until I cry. I love to drive to the coast with girl friends.  I love getting my hair and nails done.  I love dressing up for church.  I love wearing makeup.  I love pretty  jewelry and scarves.  I love beautiful flowers.  I love to go out to dinner.  I love to travel.  I love women’s conferences. I LOVE…BEING A WOMAN!

This Sunday is Mother’s Day; a day when mothers are honored, but not all women have been mothers.  Some long for that, some grieve because they have lost a child through miscarriage, death, estrangement or divorce. Many of us have lost our mothers now and are left with memories of years gone by.  My mom died in 1990 and I still miss her, especially on Mother’s Day.

When I was a little girl, all I wanted to be when I grew up was a mother and a singer, of which I became both.  I loved almost everything about being a mom and dedicated myself completely to that wonderful task God gave me.  Now that our kids are grown adults and have families of their own, my role has changed, but it still is a highlight to spend time with them and hug them, have conversations, laugh together and sit down to family dinners and celebrations.  I loved being a mom!

When I led Family Connections for 12 years, our single parent family ministry, I learned a lot about the sacrifices and challenges single moms had in raising their kids alone.  I highly respect all single moms, believe me!

I know many women who were never able to have children or chose not to have them. Emotional issues surround them.  I also know many who are adoptive and foster moms, as well as stepmoms.  They have made the choice to love children they did not give birth to and I am in awe of the dedication they give to the children.  There are also extended family members who, through crisis, have taken on the task of raising their grandchildren, nieces and nephews and sometimes just kids who need a home to be loved in.  I love and respect all women!

So, as we all walk into America’s holiday, Mother’s Day, let’s be grateful for the families we have, and show honor to all women this year.  We are all women, created by the Lord God and we are to love one another as He loves us.

If you still have your mother here on earth, whether you are estranged or not, remember that God asked us to “Honor your father AND your mother.”  Call her, send her a sweet letter or card, go to visit her, or at the very least, pray for her that she will find joy in her days.  Remember that God loves her as much as He loves you and He is a God of love, acceptance and FORGIVENESS. God loves all women whether they are mothers or not.