Hide and Go Seek

Remember when we would play hide and seek as children and then WITH our children?  Someone would stand and count to 10 slowly while the others would scatter and hide under tables, behind trees or under a bed.  Sometimes it was easy to find the ones hiding and sometimes it took longer.  I remember when I would play this with our kids. When I found them, they would be covering their faces with their little hands thinking I wouldn’t see them.  Precious memories.

Don’t we also play “hide and seek” with the Lord during our lives?  We think we can just “scatter” and hide behind our service to Him, our personalities, our busyness and our pride and He won’t see us.  Oh, we may say all the right things about Him and who He is, but inside, we are trying to hide deep secrets, hurts and desires.  We may even try to hide behind alcohol, medicines/drugs, food, or other habits.  He knows.  He sees.  He understands.

“Am I only a God nearby,’ declares the  Lord, ‘and not a God far away?’  ‘Can anyone hide in the secret places so that I cannot see Him?’ declares the Lord.  ‘Do not I fill heaven and earth?’  declares the Lord.”  Jer. 23:23,24

Read Psalm 139 every day for a month and let Him soothe your soul as He speaks to you.  Don’t hide from Him, but seek Him with all of your heart and soul because your life depends on it.  Let His Holy Spirit illuminate the dark corners of your life and allow Him to heal your heart.  Don’t run and scatter, but stand out in the open, let His presence find you and bathe you.  Game over!