Help! We Don’t Want A Divorce!

making up

Life gets busier and busier and tougher to manage.  Many times, our marriages get left in the dust between work, the kids, sports activities and extended family.  Add health issues, financial struggles and past issues rearing their ugly heads. and we can see why the divorce rate in America is still over 50%.  It used to be that the divorce rate was less within the church, but that is no longer the case.

I headed up a large single parent family ministry in our area, and the devastation I saw in the kids as well as the adults was heart-breaking, to say the least!  Many times a couple will have so much animosity, bitterness and anger at each other that they don’t see what they are doing to their kids.  Parents may even know how they are hurting the children, but because they don’t know how to resolve conflict effectively, or they hold onto past offenses or even keep hurting each other, they sadly separate and divorce.

The damage on the children is immense and will last a lifetime from the effects.  Feelings of insecurity, abandonment, betrayal, fear and great anger will follow them most of their life, if they don’t find healing.  They did nothing to deserve any of it!  The stats are high that children of divorced parents will also divorce…another result of parents unable to resolve their conflicts and be true to each other and the vows they made.

Well, help is one the way!  Dr. Rick Marks will be our guest on Chained No More Talk Radio on Tuesday, February 21 at 2-3pm ET at  His topic will be “Help!  We Don’t Want To Divorce!”.  Dr. Rick specializes in bringing critical marriages back to wholeness and holds groups around the country as well as private sessions with a couple to help them stay married and find joy in the reconciliation.  An incredible expert and resource for our listeners!  You can also download the podcast anytime at

So, if you find yourself at a crossroads of staying married or leaving, please get to Dr. Ricks’ interview.  It could save your marriage and spare your children great damage in the process.  Aren’t they worth it?  You and your spouse are the examples of what marriage looks like, after all.

“Love is PATIENT, love is KIND, It does NOT ENVY, IT does not boast, it is NOT PROUD.  It is NOT RUDE, it is NOT SELF=SEEKING, it is NOT EASILY ANGERED, it KEEPS NO RECORD OF WRONGS.  Love does NOT DELIGHT IN EVIL, but REJOICES WITH THE TRUTH.  It ALWAYS protects, ALWAYS trusts, ALWAYS hopes, ALWAYS perseveres.  LOVE NEVER FAILS.”  I Corinthians 13

Look at your marriage.  What elements are missing?  What can you personally improve on.  How will you pray for your marriage or do you?  If you are saying, “Help!  I Don’t Want A Divorce,” then beginning today, “do the work to make it work.”