Happy Mother’s Day…Or Not

moms and kids

Mother’s Day is almost here and mothers and grandmas around the country will be honored with flowers, bought or handmade cards and other gifts.  Many churches will honor moms by praying over them.  Hopefully, moms won’t have to cook that day!

In our family, our kids have a competition to see who can make me cry the most by what they write in their card.  I am a total softy when it comes to our kids and they know it.  (little brats!)

I remember when I was growing up that we would all go to church, someone at the podium would have all mothers stand and then give a flower out to the mother who had the most kids and the one who was the oldest mother.  It was a day of honor.

These days, things are different because the landscape of our population and families have shifted.  In our country, we now have married moms, single moms, separated moms, foster moms, stepmoms, adoptive moms, moms of “furbabies” and then the women who are unable to conceive a baby.

I know many women who do not attend church on Mother’s Day because it is too painful for them because of their situation.  With so many families breaking up, there are many mothers and grandmothers who are estranged from their children or grandchildren.  There will be no flowers or cards for them.  There are also those whose mothers have died over the past year, so this holiday will be especially painful for them.

For single moms, this is a very uncomfortable day, especially if the custody plan says they will be with their father for the weekend.  It just never gets easier.

Those of us who will enjoy Mother’s Day this year have a lot to be grateful for, so grab those kids and grandchildren, hold them close, treasure the cards and enjoy the flowers and a day spent being loved and honored.  Happy Mother’s Day to you!  Count your blessings; especially those blessings who are hugging you!

For those of us who are dreading Mother’s Day, maybe get together with some other friends, go out to brunch, go see a movie or go for a hike.  Try not to isolate yourself and have a pity party, step out, and make it a day to smile anyway.  Spend some time praying for your kids and grandkids, whether you are estranged or not.

“The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make His face shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn His face toward you and give you peace.”  Numbers 6:25-26