Grammas and Grampas

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What kind of memories do you have of your grandparents?  Are they filled with lots of treats, hugs, cuddles, trips to visit them?  Are they filled with lemonade and making cookies, having books read to you, learning new things even though you got dirty in the process?

My maternal grandparents lived in Seattle and my paternal grandparents lived in Michigan.  Each couple was unique in their own way, but we didn’t doubt that we were special to each of them.

In Seattle, we would have great big family dinners and the cousins would run downstairs to play while the women made the big dinner and the men would sit in the living room discussing the things of the world.  My grandma, once she was widowed, would come to our house once a month to stand by the hour and iron our clothes.  Strong German people who worked hard with love.

My paternal grandparents lived in a rural town and we loved travelling several days in the car to visit them.  Grandma had a big garden, always had lots of “sugar cereal” on hand and was a little spitfire woman of God.  Grandpa was my favorite and I followed him everywhere when we visited.  I even followed him to the post office where he was the postmaster!  He was so much fun and we were “two peas in a pod”.  They loved the Lord and their family with all of their heart.

My memories are rich with love and fun, and my grandparents left a strong spiritual legacy to my parents and now to me.  I am forever grateful.

Today, millions of grandparents play a different role.  Some babysit grandkids every week, some are raising their grandkids because of adult kids on drugs, alcohol, incarcerated, deployed with the military, or because their adult kids are unable to care for their own children.

Their dreams of retirement have been replaced with school schedules, carpooling, children who become ill, providing financial support and becoming weary every single day.  The challenges are many, but so are the rewards.  “It is better if we raise our own precious grandchildren than put them in foster care.  We will do what it takes.”  Sound familiar?

On Tuesday, June 30 at 2-3pm ET on, expert guest, Linda Jacobs will address the subject, “Grandparents Raising and/or Helping Grandkids Thru Divorce” on the Chained No More radio show.  She has lived it and will give advice, tools, and resources to educate and encourage grandparents who find themselves in these situations.  Don’t miss it!!  To listen to the podcast later in the day, go to 


“Even when I am old and gray, do not forsake me, O God, ’til I declare Your power to the next generation, Your might to all who are to come.”  Psa.m 71:18


I salute all of you grandparents who have made the commitment to stay out of the rocking chair or motorhome to raise your grandkids out of necessity.  May God bless you with  great joy and strength.


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