Forgiveness by Sacrifice

On this Good Friday….”Let’s take a look at Jesus and all those who hated Him, spit on Him, ridiculed Him, and hurt Him in almost every possible way,  Why did He allow that to happen when He could have taken a break and obliterated all of them in an instant?  Why did He allow Himself to be dragged through the streets in front of thousands and then be placed on a huge wooden cross with His hands and feet nailed to that cross with spikes?!  After being raised up so all could see, how could He say, “Father, forgive them”?  Try to picture this scene in your mind, if you can.

Why did He do that?  Because that is what His Heavenly Father asked of Him and because He knew He was enduring all of this to make payment for the sins of all of us throughout time.  Humanly speaking, it is beyond my comprehension why someone would do that for me or anyone else.  This is not some gory story;  it is truth and it is for you right here and right now.

Jesus did that for YOU.  He wants to forgive YOU for every sin YOU have ever committed or will commit.  All He asks of you is for you to ask Him for forgiveness from those sins and believe in Who He is and what He did.  He wants to wipe the slate clean and become the Lover of your soul.  He wants to surround you and fill you with His Spirit this very moment.,  He made you, loves you, and wants to accept you as one of His very own children. — from “Chained No More…A Journey of Healing for the Adult Children of Divorce/Childhood Brokenness”

How about accepting the Easter story in this amazing way and begin your life again as one of His children?  Is this the day?!  Happy Easter from Robyn B Ministries!