Family Reunion- Good or Bad?

family reunion

When I mention the words, “family reunion”, what is the first thing that comes to your mind?  Fantastic or forget it?  Possible or impossible?  Yay or yikes?

Families are so convoluted now that it would take a baseball stadium to accommodate all of the dads, moms, stepdads, stepmoms, children, stepchildren, half brothers, half sisters, cousins, grandparents from more than one marriage, plus live in relationships and their kids!  You would probably spend the first day just trying to straighten all the family threads out, right?

I remember when I was directing Family Connections, our single parent family ministry, that the holidays were always the most stressful and depressing times for their families. They dreaded visiting “the other parent” and for the single mom or dad who “had to share their kids”, it was a lonely and depressing time for them.  Holidays are supposed to be happy, joyous times of celebration, but not for most families who have been broken because of separation or divorce.

There is a lot of loss in families of divorce; immense loss for the children, deep hurt and anger in the parents, sad loss for grandparents and on and on.  So, how can families of divorce turn all the hurt around and enjoy the “most wonderful time of the year” at least a little bit?

This Tuesday, November 10 at 2pm ET, Elsa Colopy will be my Chained No More Talk Radio guest. She is one of the experts on the DivorceCare DVD “Surviving the Holidays”, and that will be her topic.  She was a single mom for 12 years and has a wealth of experience concerning the challenges of the holidays in a single parent home.  She will share practical tools and bring great care and encouragement to our listeners.  If you, or someone you know, is a single parent and dreading the holidays, please tell them about this show.  You can listen LIVE on Tuesday at 2pm ET at  You can also download the podcast later that day at


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