Family Paper Chains

paper chains

Do you remember making paper chains as a little kid?  All those bright colored strips of construction paper, those rounded tip scissors, and a bottle of glue;  that’s all it took for this craft, right?

Today, I was thinking of how our families are like a paper chain.  Think about it….

One day, two links are glued together on a wedding day. Now take that couple of links and link them to two different chains to link families together.  When this couple has kids, you  just add more links to their little chain, which is connected with their big family chain. And on and on and on….

Think about your own “family chain.”  There may be broken chains (divorce/death), new families added (step-families), long chains of great-grandparents or grandparents, aunts, uncles, siblings, and so forth.  What does your chain look like today?

Speaking of grandparents, when is the last time you went and visited them?  What about your parents?  Are they in an assisted living place or their own home?  Do you call and connect with them besides maybe celebrating a special holiday or birthday?  Chances are, they have shown you a boatload of love since the day you were born.

One of the Ten Commandments is, “Honor your father and your mother.”  What does that verse say to you?  Did it say you don’t have to if they were mean to you or you didn’t like something about them, or the way they raised you?  No, it doesn’t.  You can at least obey God’s Word by praying for them, their health and happiness, and that He will meet their needs. You are only responsible for what you do and say; not them.

If your parents are elderly and their health is failing, could you put the past aside and give them the care they need?  The Bible talks about that too, in all He says about forgiveness.  Are you willing to wipe the slate clean and show God’s love to them now?

In the family chain, the grandparent links may be worn and faded now, but they are still part of your chain. Maybe forgive, and in doing that, you can renew the glue that links you altogether in your family.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, August 13, Larry Fowler, the founder of the Legacy Coalition, will be my guest on Chained No More Talk Radio at 2pm ET at  He will be talking about “Grandparenting in the 21st Century: Dos and Donts”.  With the immense changing family dynamics in our world today, many times grandparents have lost their connection with their kids and their grandkids.  This will be a very informative and encouraging hour indeed!

“Great is the Lord and most worthy of praise; His greatness no one can fathom.  One generation will commend Your works to another;  they will tell of Your mighty acts.”    Psalm 145:3,4