Everybody Has a Story

story book

Everybody has a story, right?  Some are filled with pages of abuse, divorce and great damage.  Some are full of healthy families, celebrations and  joy.  What does your story hold?

If you were to write a story about your life, what would the title be?  How thick would your book be?  Would it be chapters of life’s lessons, interesting characters, soaring highs and cavernous lows? Where would it begin and how would it end?

We all have a story;, some chapters of which we have told others and some we have not.  Many writers begin their writing career by writing a memoir about their life or a certain event in their life.  Our modern day presidents usually write a memoir of their time in the White House.  Celebrities many times will fill their pages with who they know, what they accomplished and what they have lived.

For us ordinary people, we can write what we know or have learned through our years on this planet, and hope readers find it interesting enough to buy or borrow from the library.

On the “Chained No More” internet radio show on Tuesday, you will hear the story of a woman named Pamla.  She has a strong story of abuse, neglect, divorce of her parents and also her own, two abortions, giving a child up for adoption and so much more.  You will be amazed! The most recent chapters of her book would be the healing she found in going through our local “Chained No More” class here in Oregon.  God took an angry, suicidal, and horridly damaged woman and transformed her into an amazingly healed woman of joy and freedom!  Hallelujah!  You will be able to hear her story and the story of how Chained No More was developed at www.toginet.com (LIVE) at 2 pm EST on Tuesday, June 16.  You can also download the podcast later that day at www.toginet.com/shows/chainednomore.  Don’t miss it!

God is the best Author of all and His Book, the Bible, is full of true stories of prophets, disciples, men and women living through hard times as well as great celebrations of the glory of God.  Talk about a memoir!

One book I want to make sure I am written in is the Book of Life, which carries my name for eternity  with the Lord God.  He is the biggest part of my life story.  Is He the biggest part of yours?

So…..what’s your story?