Doing Our Homework

Have you ever asked why God allowed so much pain in your life?  Have you questioned Him?  Do you wonder if He truly loves you because you have lived through so much?  Have you ever felt that He plays favorites with His children and you are not it?

In our competitive society, filled with the have and have nots, it is easy to wonder what God thinks about us and if He has turned His back on us.

That Scripture (I Cor,. 10:13) that says God won’t give us more than we can handle used to be my excuse why I haven’t lived through a lot of trauma in my life.  I would say, “God must know I am a wimp because I haven’t lived a bunch of stuff”.  Well, actually, that scripture is talking about temptation and that He won’t allow us to experience more temptation that we can handle and that He will help us find a way out.

We all walk a different path throughout life and I believe that if I was dealing with so much of my own stuff, I could not be as affective in the ministry He has called me to.  I also know that those who have lived trauma, abuse, divorce, neglect and so much more, can have a deeper ministry with someone who has also lived that trauma than I ever could.

I tell CNM participants that when we are living through challenges, we are doing our “homework” for what He has in front of us.  The woman who was abused and took steps to get out of that situation and find resources and healing can help someone else get out of their situation.  She knows how it feels to be beaten down, so can be a valuable resource to the next person.

A young mom who is struggling in her marriage and finds practical tools to improve her situation can help another young mom in the same situation.  Someone who has lost a loved one to death can encourage others who suffer this deep loss.  Someone who loses a job and can’t support their family can connect with others and encourage them while finding resources.

It is important not to waste any experience, to grow from it, and then use that struggle for good.  Learn, find resources, take practical steps as you seek God’s answers and then take that “homework” and use it for His glory and purposes.

What have you lived in your “homework” and how are you going to use it?  How do you WANT to use it?  Do you want to drown in your circumstance or move out of it and use it for good?  Good question.