Divorce: The Effects On Children



“Children are resilient”, right?  No, they are not resilient from the devastation of their family, the loss of identity or where they really belong.  There will never be a more  crushing pain than the one kids feel when parents decide to split and leave the kids confused and left standing in the middle of their parents’ battlefield.

I have ministered to parents and children of divorce for the past 15 years and the issues are deep in the hearts of families in crisis.  Yes, there are different issues and each story is unique.  There may have been abuse, neglect, and abandonment involved, and decisions had to be made “for the sake of the children”.  Sometimes, however, many divorces are because of “irreconcilable differences”; parents who do not have strong relationship skills, have no clue how to have a healthy confrontation with positive results or good parenting skills.  Most of the time, adults brought their own damage from childhood into their marriages, never found healing from that damage, and now they and their kids are paying the price.  Where does it stop?!

Look closely at the picture above and see the hurt in those eyes!  Inside that child is a hurting heart and a wandering soul.  I have held sobbing children in my arms for years who feel lost.  I have sat with teens who have attempted suicide because of the shattering of their family and everything they had known.  I have prayed with single moms and dads who feel just as lost and confused inside, but on the surface is anger and depression.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!  It is time to find the threads of hurt and devastation, find healing and stop this chain of divorce on the generations of our society!

Well, help is on the way!  Beginning this Tuesday, April 28, at 11 am PST, “Chained No More”…the Toginet internet talk radio show, hosted by Robyn Besemann, that will tackle subjects such as:

  • divorce and kids, divorce and teens, adult children of divorce,
  • single dads, single moms
  • single parenting, step-parenting, military families, adoptive and foster families, healthy parenting, grandparents raising grandkids, incarcerated families
  • issues such as abuse and incest survival
  • shame and guilt
  • pastor’s perspective on renewing your mind, how churches can encourage hurting families

The guests on our show are experts and have also lived what they are talking about. We will combine faith and practical tools to encourage listeners.  This will not be a show of therapy babble or pat Christian answers, nor will it “beat you over the head with a Bible.”

If you or someone you know are looking for answers to work through the pain of family crisis, this is your show!  Go to www.toginet.com/shows/chainednomore and check out our show page.  Shows are downloadable two hours after broadcast.

Isn’t it time you were “Chained No More”???  Tune in on Tuesdays to find out how.

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