Daddy’s Home!


How does this picture make you feel?  Does it warm your heart thinking back on your own dad and how much you loved him?  Does it make you cringe because your father wasn’t the kind of father you needed nor wanted?

If your father still alive?  Mine isn’t. Time passes, but I still miss him and wish I could sit down and talk with him.  I am so much like my father and yes, I was a daddy’s girl inside and out.

I also remember how excited our kids were when my husband came home.  They would run to him with arms wide open, sit on his feet, grab his knees, and he would give them a ride around the room, as they giggled.  Years have passed and they don’t run to their dad now, but come up and give him a hug and say, “Hi Dad.  How are you doing?”  Different from years gone by, but just as sweet.

Let’s look upward now and think about our Heavenly Father, who loves us more than any human father ever could!  THIS Father will not  walk away.  THIS Father will not abuse us in any way.  THIS Father loves us unconditionally.  THIS Father will not yell, scream, cuss, or call us name.   THIS Father is yours forever and ever.

God will discipline us, but not punish us.  He wants us to be the best we can be and to flourish here on earth.  He wants us to surrender to Him, but He will not force us to love and serve Him.  Our earthly father is flawed, makes mistakes, and sins, but our Father God is perfect in all His ways.

This week on Chained No More Talk Radio, our expert guest is Dave Weinkauf, the founder of The Bridge, a program for men to become the best they can be by learning how to connect their faith to their life.  “Iron sharpens iron” is a phrase from the Bible he uses as he directs men into conversation.  Please tune in at at 2pm ET this Tuesday. 

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If your dad is still alive, why not call him or drop by to visit him and let him know how much you love him?  If you are estranged from your dad, spend some time to pray for him, his health, that he will find joy in his life through Jesus Christ.  This is the best way to “honor your father and your mother,” as our Heavenly Father commands us to do.