Divorce is continuing to erode our society day after day. Stats show that, as of 2013, 50% of first marriages fail, 67% of second marriages fail, and 73% of subsequent marriages fail.  We also see that 58% of American children will witness the divorce of their parents before age 18, where as 50% of children in America will witness their parents’ second divorce.

We can see why our society is eroding after reading those statistics, right?  Sometimes it looks like the divorce rates are dropping a bit, but that is because more and more couples are living together without getting married, so when they break up, a divorce is not part of that, however that breakup is another one of abandonment for the kids.  Stats again show that there are over 3.1 million cohabitating with children in our country.

Definition of “divorce”:  “total separation; disunion, to cut off to break the marriage contract”.

I have seen, over 15 years of ministry, the complete devastation of families and individuals because of the shattering of a family.  Children think it is their fault, parents blame each other, kids get thrown back and forth between mom and dad, and everyone is left wanting to know where they belong and where they can find unconditional love.

Where do you go when you want to find answers and healing from all of the pain of divorce?  Well, there are many quality resources to help with issues, help you find healing in Jesus and become able to move forward.  Here are a few:

ADULTS – “Divorce Care”  (divorcecare.org)  Helps adults work through the painful issues of their divorce.

ADULTS – “Chained No More…A Journey of Healing for the Adult Children of Divorce/Childhood Brokenness” (www.robynbministries.com/chainednomore) Helps adults see how they got to divorce in the first place with deep exploration into their past.

TEENS – “The Big D…Divorce Thru the Eyes of a Teen” (sonsetpointministries.com)  A 13-week curriculum for mid and high school kids to work through the hard issues they feel.

CHILDREN – “Divorce Care For Kids” (www.dc4k.org)  A wonderfully age appropriate curriculum for elementary-aged kids to work through how they feel with the family crisis.

SINGLE PARENT FAMILIES – (hlp4.com)  An incredibly helpful website with many articles that address issues of divorce.

These are but a few of the resources that are available for you and your family if you are suffering through the devastation of divorce.  Please look at them.  I wish you great healing and a better future ahead for you and your kids.