Crowds, Crowds and More Crowds

This weekend was a great time to get away with my Ivan and enjoy a different environment.  We live in a mid-sized city and this weekend, we experienced the big, beautiful city of Seattle, WA.  The sun was out, the mountains rose up in their majesty, the sparkling waters of the Puget Sound glistened for us and the city hustled and bustled all around us.

My Ivan is a small city guy and I am a big city girl from head to toe.  I love the energy of a big city, visiting new stores, museums and restaurants.  My Ivan would be content sitting on a dock fishing, with only the sound of chirping birds and waves lapping up against the shore.  That is why we settled on Eugene, Oregon, a mid-sized city.  We live about 20 minutes from lakes and rivers and 1 1/2 hr. from the big city of Portland.  Perfect!

There were crowds wherever we went this past weekend.  We jostled our way through the Pikes Public Market, shopping, waiting in line at restaurants, making our way through bumper to bumper traffic (with the help of our GPS) and holding hands on the sidewalk so we wouldn’t get separated.  The best part about it was that I still felt it was me and my Ivan against the world.  I could look around at all the people surrounding us, but when I looked into his eyes….I was home.  Such love and contentment.  I am grateful.

Oh, I noticed the sad faces, laughing children, a couple arguing, and people sitting by the side of the streets with signs, but for this weekend, I was with my Ivan and I was enjoying our weekend alone in the crowds.  “Thank You, Lord Jesus, for a time of balance in my life in ministry.”